As the decoration industry evolves, so does Threaded Logo. That is why we are proud to offer the latest decoration methods such as Direct to Garment Printing.

Setup fees, color separation, or worrying about the amount of colors in a design is a thing of the past.

What to know about DTG

DTG printing should not be used as a pre production sample unless the full order run will be done using DTG. Screen printing and DTG can have similar appearances in some cases, but they will yield different looks based on different artwork characteristics.

Shirts need to be pretreated which may leave a slight discoloration around the printed image on dark shirts. This is a normal result and disappears after the first wash. We recommend all DTG prints to be washed prior to wearing.

For best results we recommend DTG prints on 100% cotton garments. Blends can work, but polyester thread has a finish that repels the printer ink which impacts the print quality.

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